Goal and Vision
Optimize financial services. Liberate global wealth. Protect user privacy.
About iToken HD
iToken HD is a professional multi-coin light wallet. iToken HD ensures asset security of global digital coin users from multiple dimensions, and provides simple, convenient, safe and reliable digital asset management services.
The new, upgraded version of iToken HD has a more professional user interface design. After opening the app, you can browse assets and make quick transfer payments all on the home screen. Users can add their favorite coins in addition to the top eight coins ( BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, USDT,etc.) that are already included into the app. iToken HD supports the search of all ERC20 tokens, so that the management of assets is comprehensive and convenient.
iToken HD users have sole control over their own private keys and thus have full control over their assets. There are no third parties involved in management of private keys. Users can backup mnemonic phrases and export private keys for asset security purposes, and can also rename or hide wallet according to their personal preferences. iToken HD is designed for superior user experience.
iToken HD provides the option for quick exchange, which supports the exchange of different coins between chains. Users can easily and quickly do transactions using their favorite digital coins under the current exchange rate.
Alongside an upgraded security system made especially to protect your assets, the iToken HD team has created a specialized keyboard that ensures your information is protected. In addition to security isolation, data encryption, and other patent security technologies, the security of your assets is assured by iToken HD Security Team.
Attentive design. Simple focus. Value circulation. The pursuit of excellence. The iToken HD team strives to move forward in order to provide quality and professional digital asset management services.